Some nice things coming from Israel

by Ishai Hachlili 3. February 2008 17:54

ok, this doesn't have much to do with developement but I just got an email about the Israel Web Tour 2008 and thought some of the companies on ir are pretty interesting.
The tour is basicaly several startups from coming over to the sillicon valley to find investors/partners (they've done it a couple of years ago with FixYa and some others).

Here are some I like:
ClickTale - Their products lets you track what users do on your sites by adding a simple javascript. They track actual mouse movements and they play it back as videos, so you see what each visitor actually did on each page and not just which pages they visited.

8 Hands - This software allows socialites to manage their many sites (myspace, flickr, facebook, etc...) from one place, plus you can easily share things like flickr photos with other friends who use the software.

5 Min - They call it Life Videopedia. It's basically 5 minute videos that answer different questions, mostly guides (how to player guitar, fitness videos, etc...)

And, not from this tour but it's from Israel, Wix
Wix is an online tool that lets you create flash animations easily without knowing how to develop flash and by using a very simple UI.
I got to play around with the beta and I think it's pretty cool, probably better for posting cool message on myspace and other similar sites and not for building flash for your own sites.


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