Windows Phone 7 and WCF REST – Authentication Solutions

I’ve been scouring the internets looking for a simple solution for authentication with WP7. I am using a simple WCF REST web service based on the template for .net 4.0 Here are the two solutions I ended up with: Solution 1 – Use the built in authentication service Add a new WCF service to your project, remove the code behind file and change the svc file to this:  <%@ ServiceHost Language="C#" Debug="true" Service="System.Web.ApplicationServices.AuthenticationService" %>

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Last week I got certified, I guess. I took two tests, each one took 30 minutes or so, and got an MCTS Web Dev certification.
Because it was so easy (and cheap, test prices are 125$ but with discounts you can take a test for 85$) it makes me feel like this certificate doesn't mean much to those who know what it is. [More]

Silverlight - RIAs don't have to be that hard to create

I remember a time when rumors about Microsoft buying Macromedia were circulating, it was obvious why they would want to buy Macromedia, Flash was THE rich interactive web application standard, and it was beginning to dominate online video as well.As someone who suffered a lot with the Flash studio (being a programmer and not a designer or animator) I was happy with the idea of getting that side of Flash fixed. If there's one thing the folks at MS know how to do well, it's their dev tools and the support for this tools.Flash was felt limited to me, both in the way you had to develop for it and in the way you communicate with the hosting page or the server.You had to do very complicated solutions for very simple tasks.When Adobe ended up buying Macromedia, I was disappointed, another designer's company meant the environment and tools won't get much better.I was surprised MS didn't try to get flash until they revealed their own solution for RIA, online video and animation. I guess they al... [More]